Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dinner for Arts Education

Enjoy dinner across the street at Kay n Dave's between shows and you'll be helping underserved youth from Watts and MacArthur Park by supporting Imaginese's Arts Education program.  This program is in partnership with the SPARK program, which helps provide mentors to kids nation-wide.

Kay n' Dave's delivers authentic Oaxacan tastes with quality ingredients that are made fresh and healthy to eat.  Their head chef, Alejo Grijalva was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and he ensures authenticity and quality with every dish.  Such dishes include: corn tortillas, banana leaf wrapped tamales, lamb birria and chicken suisa enchiladas. The tortillas and tamales are homemade, all by hand using top quality ingredients delivered daily.  If you like Oaxacan food, you'll love Kay 'n Dave's.

10% of anything you order goes to the program, so feel free to forgo the diet this evening and just dig in!

The dinner break is from 7-8pm, which isn't extremely long, but Kay 'n Dave's know our crowd is coming and they will work to accommodate those who have to head back across the street for the 8pm showing of "Oy!"

Please remember to bring back your receipt after dinner and drop it off in the lobby so we can tally up all we've accomplished together!

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